3D Print | Santa Fluffy


This little figure or scale modelis a little Christmas present. Merry Christmassssss... This is in

honor to Mr. Fluffy, who dedicated his life to make children smile. He is working hard on his

cuteness to gain lots of "Ohhhhs" and "Awwwwws". He felt very honored by the statue build for

him, but said "This is not for me, its christmas! Its for everyone!"



 You can download the design at Thingiverse.



Cheers, RobotMama.

3D Print | NinjaFlex Frisbee


My newest 3D Print is a flexible frisbee, done with my upgraded Ultimaker2+. The video by

NeatherBot explains how to print NinjaFlex on the Ultimaker. If you watch this and check out

my instructions on Thingiverse it should be easy to reproduce good NinjaFlex prints.

 You can download the files at Thingiverse.
Cheers, RobotMama.
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