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CeBit 2017 | Tinkertoys - Toys from a 3D Printer


At the CeBit I had the pleasure to get to know Tinkertoys and they allowed me to test their toy builder by designing my own toys. you can see the result in the video below.


More about Tinkertoys at

CeBit 2017 in Hannover | Manus VR - Virtual Reality Gloves


I had the pleasure to meat the guys from Manus VR, seated in the Netherlands. They showed me their VR gloves, they come as a development kit at about 1000€ and the functionality looked quite handy. Below is a discussion I had at the CeBit and the official trailer for the glove.


Find out more about Manus VR at

CeBit 2017 in Hannover | Robot Dance


Robot Dance at Tanscorp.

CeBit 2017 in Hannover | Drone Arena


Drone Presentation in different Arenas.

CeBit 2017 in Hannover | Northdocks & AirDome


Northdocks provides virtual reality applications and they had this giant pacman figures at their booth. They also featured AirDome for immersive visualization.



CeBit 2017 in Hannover | MakeBlock


Makeblock is an educational modular robot kit to teach children, programming and robotics.

CeBit 2017 in Hannover | First Impression


Partner Country this year: Japan, as undoubtedly visible in the image ;)

There were many exciting companies in the fields virtual und augmented reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and cyber security. Drones and virtual reality clearly dominated the overall appearance of the convention, I actually was surprised to see so many companies from Hamburg popping up as startups. Hamburg seems like a little version of silicon valley nowadays :D


Here is the first batch of photos and videos, more details are soon following. Stay tuned.


Cheers RobotMama!

Installing the UM2+ Upgrade Kit


This is my first video with voice over and video cutting techniques. I started with the unboxing of my new Ultimaker2+ Upgrade kit. This will upgrade my Ultimaker2 to provide better quality prints with improved airflow, exchangable nozzles in different sizes (Olsson Block) and a new feeder design which works much better with flexible filaments like NinjaFlex, so that the filament does not get stuck so often between the gears.
My next project will be the installation of the kit and some test prints.
Cheers RobotMama!
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