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Here you will find tests on different materials for SLA printing (Stereolithography Apparatus). In SLA Printing a UV light laser cures fluid resin layer by layer to build the object.

Liqcreate | Stone Coal Black


Liqreate, a company from the netherlands, was so kind to send me some material samplesFormlabs Form2 printer. Here you have the results of my tests with their Stone Coal Black and a video tutorial on how to print with 3rd party resins on the Form2: Settings in software and printer, cleaning resin, exchanging resin tank and build platform, post processing the prints and more.


I am in love with this material as it is easy to work with, has a beautiful Quality and a nice smooth touch when sanded. I used 25 Micron to print the highest detail possible.






-Print Mode: OpenMode (Wiper, Resin Heating and automatic refill disabled)

-Material Preset: Grey V3

-Resolution: 0.1, 0.05, 0.025 mm (100, 50, 25 micron)


Material Properties


-high resolution, fine details => perfect for miniatures

-smooth, velvet like surface

-hard material

-opaque color

-very few to no fumes

-very low shrinkage

-standard resin for many purposes


Material Properties - Technical


The following informationen can be found in the data sheets at Liqcreate's websiteand are meant to be guiding values, these values can differ with printer type and way of post processing the prints (e.g. strength of the UV lamp).


-Viscosity: 700 cps at 25°C (room temperature): as a reference Formlabs Grey/Black Resin is about 850 - 900 cps (centipoise) and is more viscous

-Shore D Hardness: 78 - 80

-Water absorption: 0.3%

-Tg: 52°-54°C (Glas Transition Temp => Transition from hard to soft or flexible)


You can get the material at


Cheers, RobotMama.


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