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Here you find RobotMama designs. All designs not fitting any of the below categories can be found under "Other" -> so definitly have a look into that category.


All designs that you can find on Thingiverse have a Copyright license attached, which can be found on the designs page. In most cases this is the following Creative Commons license

You can find more information in the section Legal Info here at the website.


If you would like to to use designs or any media commercially, please contact me via


Supplies to keep your desk tidy: Be it Pencil Holders, file folders or other little helpers


Home Sweet Home: Kitchen, Bath, Living Room, Bedroom, Lighting, Decor

Storage & Organization

Hunt, collect & organize: From bowls, boxes and vases to name plates, hooks and holders

Sewing & Co

Threads beautiful threads, fabrics, wool & colors: From bobbin thread spool holders and magnetic sewing guides to 3D Print on fabric for your fashion projects

Robotics & Elektronics

Short-Circuit my brain: Complete robots, Tools like PCB Holder, Arduino & Lego compatible elements and more

Miniatures & Co

Small things can have a huge impact: Scale Models, Items for dioramas, small people


I'm not fitting in: Last but not least, everything else.

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