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3D Print | Battery Holder


This holder for cell batteries is a design by Nelis2. I have used nylon as material, which

has a silky smooth feeling. That way the batteries will glide easily into the slots while

still staying firm. 



 Download the design at Thingiverse.



Cheers, RobotMama.

3D Print | Lego Arduino Robot Elements


I needed some 3D printed parts for my little Arduino Lego Robot. I needed an adapter to mount my Lego axles to motors,

mecanum wheels so my bot could strafe sideways and a Lego

to servo adapter to fix my distance sensor to the bot. We want

him to be autonomous and not driving blindly.


All adapters and wheel housings were printed in silver grey PLA,

the white bumpers on the wheels were printed with Ninjaflex.

Wheel casings and bumpers were assembled with Lego axles.


The original design of the Lego motor adapter is originally from

MobyDisk and adjusted by me to fit my types of motors. It is a

customizable design and can be adjusted to several different

motor shafts.


You can find links to every piece down below and additionally I

also added some other Lego relevant pieces after that. The

videos show a demo of my bot in action.




Thingiverse Mecanum Wheels by Projunk


Thingiverse Servo Adapter by GreenGiant83



 Customizable Motor Adapter by MobyDisk



Thingiverse A bigger Mecanum Wheel by Projunk



 A smaller compact Mecanum Wheel by Projunk



 A Ball Caster by Pieter Bos



Cheers, RobotMama.

3D Print | Timing Belt with flexible filament


This is a timing belt that is used in 3D printers to move the x and y axes with the stepper

motors. I printed this belt with Utimaker's Soft PLA and used the standard settings inside

Cura and Standard PLA Settings on the Ultimaker2.

Find the printable file here, designed by LionAlex
Cheers, RobotMama.
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