Rapid Prototyping

3D Print | Resin & Paint Mixer


I adjusted this stir drill bit to my Dremel and use it to mix Resin with Paint. The mixer is printed on the Ultimaker 2+ in black PLA. With the mixer I achieve smooth blends for the resin-paint mixtures that my SLA Printer (Formlabs Form 2) can perfectly work with.


You can get the design from birdshotbrad at Thingiverse.





Cheers, RobotMama.

3D Print | Filament Spool Holder


This smoothly turning spool holder is a design by CWSpangler. I already have

build two of them. One is used as filament spool holder when printing, the other

to hold an empty spool to stick 3D printed objects to and spray painting them.



 Download the design at Thingiverse.



Cheers, RobotMama.

3D Print | Ultimaker2+ Bowden Clip (3D Printer Accessoire)


This 3D print is a replacement part for my Ultimaker printer. It was designed by

Wisar. The Clip is used to clamp down the bowden tube. The design is an

improvement of the Ultimaker original and makes it much more easy to grab

the clip.



 Download the design at Thingiverse.


Print Settings

3D Printer: Ultimaker2+

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.1

Infill: 100%

Material: ABS (or similarly strong filaments)


Cheers, RobotMama.

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