3D Print | Magnetic Whiteboard Marker Holder


The marker holder is a design by dlarts. You will need 4 cylinder magnets with a 1cm diameter and

0.5cm thickness. I have used nylon as material.


You can get the design at Thingiverse.





Cheers, RobotMama.

3D Print | USB Case


This 3D printed USB case was made with my Ultimaker 2+. The video shows how to

assemble it with a glue gun and super glue.


You can get the files (designed by Stepan) at Thingiverse








Print Settings

3D Printer: Ultimaker2+

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.1

Infill: 100%

Material: Robotic Grey EasyFill PLA by FormFutura


Cheers, RobotMama!

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