Other 3D Print Designs

Designs by other artists I printed, these are freely downloadable. Every artist uses his own licensing rules, so be sure to check it on their design pages.

Better give attribution than be sorry ;) 


Supplies to keep your desk tidy: Be it Pencil Holders, file folders or other little helpers


Home Sweet Home: Kitchen, Bath, Living Room, Bedroom, Lighting, Decor

Storage & Organization

Hunt, collect & organize: From bowls, boxes and vases to name plates, hooks and holders

Sewing & Co

Threads beautiful threads, fabrics, wool & colors: From bobbin thread spool holders and magnetic sewing guides to 3D Print on fabric for your fashion projects

Rapid Prototyping

Make it, don't break it: Tools for 3D Printing, Injection Molding, CNC, Lasercutting and more

Robotics & Elektronics

Short-Circuit my brain: Complete robots, Tools like PCB Holder, Arduino & Lego compatible elements and more

Miniatures & Co

Small things can have a huge impact: Scale Models, Items for dioramas, small people


I'm not fitting in: Last but not least, everything else.

Special Occasions

Cosy or scary, here comes the fairy: Halloween, Christmas and Co.

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