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RobotMama is an educational website about technologies like Virtual Reality and 3D Printing


Current Info: We are in the process of uploading all RobotMama Designs to this website, so keep coming back to browse the available designs. You still can download the designs at Thingiverse.


How to give proper credit when using the designs (License)

You will find the stl files and license inside the downloaded zip of a design. The license states how you are allowed to use the designs and which responsibilities come with the use.


If you print the free designs and want to show of your work you can use the following example sentences to give proper attribution to link back to where the design originated "Design von www.robotmama.de", "Design by www.robotmama.de"





 Here you find 3D Designs for printing



 Here you see Images and short videos on the projects



 Here you see Images and short videos on the projects



 Here you see the complete videos on the projects

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